Sack-Ups durable cotton helps keep skin cool and dry. Heavy-duty, ribbed cotton. Latex free. Used to help control edema, prevent pressure sores and ease cast application. Cotton draws moisture away from skin, which helps keep it cool, comfortable and odor-free. Washable and reusable. Sold in 25 yd. (23m) rolls. Sizes measure the flat width of the bandage. See chart below.

Model 710 - 2 1/4" (5.7 cm)

Model 711 - 3" (7.6 cm)

Model 712 - 3 1/2" (8.9 cm)

Prosthesis is an important and often expensive item, and the care you give it will ultimately extend its life considerably. Sack Ups technology provided through our unique cotton fabric protects the prosthetic area and assures it stays clear of any dust, moisture, or other deterrents that can cause unwanted problems.

Many prosthesis must stay dry and therefore will require added care and maintenance to keep in proper working order. In addition to the standard artificial limbs for every-day use, many amputees have special limbs and devices to aid in the participation of sports and recreational activities. As sweat is a result from any physical activity—for those wearing a prosthesis—moisture between it and the skin is an issue. Sack Ups creates that wickability needed to keep moisture away while providing an added cushion that keeps your skin from becoming uncomfortable.

Sack Ups continues their service and commitment offering this product guarantee.