Sometimes Fire and Theft aren’t the only threat to your Guns…. "With the hurry of the day, getting loaded up, I forgot to clean my gun. I just put my gun in a Sack-Up. I hadn’t even taken the primer out of my gun. After a two day trip back home, I pull my $2500 Muzzle Loader out and the gun looked like I had detailed and cleaned it. If you want true protection and quality to protect your gun, you need to have it in a Sack-Up.”

Cabot Benton

So far,so good. I check my weapons monthly as I use them at the range through out the year. I see no problems,would purchase again. I think a couple spare gun socks may be in order. Never know when a new or used firearm may find its way home.

Royce McDuffie

I never heard about this company/product until I bought a new custom made shotgun from a high end Gun Manufacturer in CT and they put one of their shotguns in the sock before handing it over to me. The sock is thicker than other Gun Socks I have owned, which will help prevent scuffs when I pull them out of the safe, and just the mere fact that the noted CT company uses them on their products speaks volumes that this is a high quality sock. That is why I bought 6 more to replace the Gun Socks on my other guns when I got home. And the delivery time was less just 2 days! Very happy.


In my opinion, there is no substitute for Sack-ups. An excellent product for protecting your firearm from moisture even when locked in a safe. We bought this particular one as a gift for a friend who let us try is shotgun. He was very pleased. I would highly recommend this product. Don't settle for a cheap imitation.

Married to a Frog


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